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Devi Prayer 

— Mother Divine

Many have wondered who the Divine Mother is, yet she is part of all spiritual traditions as a Presence. This video was created as a communication of her Being. See also: “Light of the Presence — God the Mother,” the sequel.

Ayla Schafer

— Unci Maka

Artist: Ayla Schafer

Album: Dive into Water 2017 Photo: Carbon Based Productions - Craig Gearhart

Benjamin Crystal

— Shamanic Ecstatic Dance

Blessed Be Our Divine Goddess, Dear Mother Earth, and all those who call her home. This dance is a calling, A Prayer To Peace, Harmony & Heart connection May it assist us in fully realising Our Oneness, Our resonance with divinity, and connect us to our highest joy.

Peia Luzzi

— Blessed We Are

Blessed we are to dance on this ground, The rhythm of saints to carry the sound. We hold a prayer for the earth, for the ones yet to come, 'May you walk in beauty and remember your song.' Remember why you came here, Remember your life is sacred.

Deva Premal & Mitten


Deva Premal & Miten se sont rencontrés en Inde en 1990 et ont depuis parcouru le monde avec leur mélange unique et inspirant de chansons, de mantras et de méditation. Leur musique transcende toutes les frontières musicales habituelles.

— Danit

Te agradezco
Por llegar a mi corazón
Hermosa criatura de viento
Te agradezco por volar en mi interior
Tus colores me llevan adentro

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